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A2 / B1 Norwegian Test Preparation Courses

The 19th of August we are setting up a Norwegian course focused solely on preparing you for the A2/ B1 Norwegian test. This test will give you the most serious documentation of your Norwegian skills, and will help you in your search for jobs, and is also the requirement set by the Norwegian government for permanent residency.

Below we want to share with you some important information regarding the norwegian test this autumn.


12-21.10.2016 Sign up date for autumn / winter test.

28.11-08.12.2016 Test dates

The Norwegian test has a verbal and a written part.

The WRITTEN part consists of:

1) Listening part ( 25-50 min)

2) Reading part ( 75 min)

3) Written part ( 90 min)

The written part is adaptive. This means that the level of difficulty will adapt to you depending on the answers you give. The more correct answer, the more difficult questions you get. The listening part will also be longer, if you continue to answer correctly to the questions.

The VERBAL part consists of a conversation part, and an individual part. It lasts between 20-30 min.

To sign up for the test, visit , or contact them at:

Our course starting 19th August will prepare you for all the points above. It is a course exclusively dedicated to preparing our students to excell at this test. We strive to make this learning experience fun and engaging. So far we have helped several students pass their A2 / B1 tests with braveur. We allways aim high when it comes to our students achievements, and our role in guiding them on their way.

Welcome to Norwegian courses with us. And GOOD LUCK with the Norwegian test preparation.

Siv Havik

Manager LNS

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