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Head of School's Welcome


With a background in psychology and the field of teaching, we have formulated a highly interactive teaching module, where we strive to make you comfortable with using the language straight away, and apply it to your everyday life here in Norway. We want to help you in your transition and integration into the Norwegian society. We know that acquiring the Norwegian language is of tremendous importance in the search for jobs, permanent residency and more, but also for your overall life quality here in Norway. Language is a great door opener.

We take our students seriously, and spend all our time in interactive settings, be it in the classroom or online. We follow up on our students, and make sure they get what they pay for. We also put efforts into the social aspect of language and integration.

Hope to see you in the classroom, online or in-person. Welcome / hjertelig velkommen.


Siv Therese Hegerland Havik
​Head of School

Our Philosophy
Atmosphere at our online Norwegian learning school

We want to create a warm and relaxed atmosphere which facilitates learning and retention. We believe in the strength that lies in creating bonds between people, and strongly promote this in our classes. We also strive to bring a part of the Norwegian culture and everyday life to you, as you study Norwegian  with us.


Lenoo, your gateway to Norway.
















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Our History
LNS - Norway Best Online Learning School

Lenoo was established autumn of 2013.


After several years of experience in both public and private language schools, Siv Havik saw a growing need for affordable Norwegian courses, with fast progression.


There seemed to be a growing trend of selling very expensive courses to people in dire situations. With us you will get an affordable course with a dedicated  teacher, we follow-up on your progress, and you actually learn Norwegian. 


 Without knowledge of the Norwegian language, it is harder to find a job, and without a job, it is hard to pay for an expensive Norwegian course, and so the circle continues. Lenoo was established to provide a counteroffer. Affordable courses, with fast progression. And at the same time, keeping the focus on the relational part of the exchange.


The years that Lenoo has been in business, we have experienced great moments with our students, and hopefully we will continue to progress with you, as we enter new times.


May good fortune meet you, and life in Norway treat you well.

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