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Our courses are based on the European standardized levels of language acquisition. We teach Norwegian language levels  A1- B2.  Once our students have completed these levels, they can sign up for Norskprøve A2/B1/B2. These levels meet the requirements set by the Norwegian government for residency permits (A2), and for job applicants (a minimum of B1). Today, you do not need 250 hours of Norwegian to get permanent residency. This is an outdated method of achieving this goal. Now, you just have to pass the Norwegian test with a minimum of A2 level, regardless of how many hours of Norwegian language lessons you take. Contact us if you have any questions. 

We have 7-week classroom courses in Oslo, Bergen, and Stavanger. We have daytime and evening courses for anyone who wants to learn Norwegian, quickly and efficiently,  by spending time in a classroom setting that is fun, interactive, and exclusive.

We strive to give our students excellent follow-up. We want you to learn Norwegian, use it for your permanent residency in Norway, or to get your dream job. We know the high standards you expect from us, and we work hard to continually give our students the very best learning experience. Read more about the Norwegian test at Kompetanse Norge. The Norwegian test is the best and most valid document you can have to prove your Norwegian language skills. 

Oslo Classroom Courses

Stavanger Classroom Courses

Bergen Classroom Courses

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