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Terms and Conditions

The seller is Lenoo AS and is designated in the following as the Seller.

Eiganesveien 8, 4008 Stavanger 


Phone number: 940 69 999 

Org nummer: 926 168 592

The purchaser is the consumer who places the order and is designated in the following as the Purchaser.

Upon registering for any course at Lenoo, students accept that:

  1. It is the responsibility of the individual student to maintain an awareness of class dates, days, times, hours, and course duration.

  2. It is the responsibility of the individual student to provide correct personal information through which the school may contact them. It is also the responsibility of the student to inform the administration if any changes occur. The school needs updated contact details to communicate course change information.

  3. All requests or questions asked will only be binding via written email communication. 

  4. Course teachers and location may be subject to change under certain circumstances.

  5. Course registration is confirmed under the name of the registrant alone and cannot be transferred to other students.

  6. Guests of students are not permitted in class unless previously requested and approved in writing to

  7. Lenoo's original materials can not be shared with external parties, either physically or digitally. Failure to comply will be considered a breach of confidentiality and Lenoo may take legal action.

  8. Lenoo maintains zero tolerance for discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation of Lenoo staff, teachers, or students. Failure to comply with this regulation will cause the immediate removal of the student from the school and may be subject to further legal action.

  9. At the end of each level, students who have attended a minimum of 80% of the course can receive a course completion certificate upon written request sent to

  10. Lenoo retains the right to withhold the participant’s course certificate if the student has not entirely completed the payment for the course.

  11. The participant is to bring all necessary course materials to each lesson. 

  12. In the event of typos, errors, omissions, or other mistakes on the website concerning course dates, schedules, or information, Lenoo reserves the right to correct/edit them without prior notice.

  13. A minimum of 5 participants are required to start a scheduled course. Lenoo reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course when the number of confirmed participants is lower than required. The school also holds the right to change/adjust start dates, times, and teachers accordingly. In such cases, students will be offered seats in other groups or schedules, having the possibility to choose between course postponement or other offered suggestions for course continuation. 


Delivery has occurred once the Purchaser or his/ her representative has taken possession of the item.

If the delivery time is not stated in the ordering solution, the Seller shall deliver the good to the Purchaser within a reasonable time frame and no later than 30 days after the order is placed by the customer. The good shall be delivered to the Purchaser unless other, special arrangements are made between the parties.

Upon registration, course participants agree to:

  1. Receive emails, SMS messages, and/or phone calls from Lenoo about current and upcoming programs.

  2. Allow pictures and videos to be taken during any of Lenoo's courses or activities. These pictures and/or videos may be shared on social media or in promotional items. To avoid participation in these photos and/or videos, written requests must be submitted to

  3. The registration/storing of students’ personal information in our database (directly and voluntarily provided to us by students).


Changing Courses

  1. Students who wish to postpone their course can do so for free, space permitting, up to seven days before the start of their course. Such requests need to be submitted and approved in writing to

  2. Postponing a course with 1-7 days notice will be subject to a fee of 1500 NOK.

  3. Postponing a course after the course has started is considered a cancellation and cancellation policies are applied. 

  4. Space permitting, changing a course during the same term is permitted any time before the start of the course. One change of schedule is allowed during the course term. Requests and approvals must be submitted in writing to


Course Repetition

  1. Students can repeat any level course taken at Lenoo one time for free. Free repeat courses must be taken online. 


Payments & Discounts

  1. All payments must be received by the first day of class.

  2. Payment can be made with a credit card or via bank transfer with an efaktura. If payments are over 14 days past due, they may be sent to collection authorities after two payment reminders have been sent.

  3. Discounts cannot be applied retroactively. 

  4. Exclusive discounts offered to students can not be shared and will not be valid to third parties.

Package Deals

  1. All package deals are payment plans. When signing up for a package deal, students agree to pay the total price of the package in equal monthly installments.

  2. Package Deals represent a binding study contract and students who have booked Package Deals are bound to continue with the entire program.

  3. Package deals are discounted and can not be used in conjunction with other discounts. 

  4. Monthly payment installments for package deals will not be paused if the student takes a break between levels or postpones for a later term. Monthly payment installments will continue as scheduled and will serve as a guarantee and confirmation of the student'ś return, guaranteeing them a seat upon resuming their studies.


Cancellation Policy

  1. All Courses and Package Deals

    1. Registration for a course are binding unless we receive written cancellation. To formally cancel any course, an email must be submitted and received by

    2. Students will still be required to pay the full price of any course started. 

    3. Only cancellations submitted in writing to a minimum of seven (7) days before the course start date are subject to refund consideration. 

    4. If a student does not cancel in writing, yet does not attend, they will still be required to complete the full payment for the course. 

    5. Refund calculations will be counted from the original prices of the levels/courses, not from any discounted offers.

  2. Package Deals

    1. Students who have booked Package Deals are bound to continue with the entire program. Should special circumstances interrupt the student’s study program, we may approve cancellation on a case-by-case basis. Under these conditions, students will still be required to pay the full price for each level started or completed and a 10% cancellation fee for any level not started or completed.

  3. Private Lessons

    1. Private lessons must be canceled at least one business day in advance to avoid paying for the booked lesson. In case the school is notified too late or the student does not show up for the private class, the hour will be forfeit, with no right of rescheduling/recovering or refund. 

Conflict resolution: 

Claims must be directed to the Seller within a reasonable time frame under Sections 9 and 10. The parties shall attempt to resolve any disputes out of court. If this is unsuccessful, the Purchaser may contact the Consumer Authority for mediation. The Consumer Authority can be reached at (+47) 23 400 600 or at

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