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Norwegian language test

Registration for the test
29. october 09.00 - 2. november.

Where do I register for the test?

If you have the right to Norwegian language tuition free of charge, you need to contact the Adult Learning Center where you live to register for the free test. If you do not have the right to free Norwegian language tuition or have taken the test before, you may register for the test here. There will be a link to the registration her from April 11th 2016.

If you are not sure about your rights to Norwegian language tuition, you can visit the IMDi website for further information regarding your rights and responsibilities regarding the test:

Levels in the test
When you sign up you need to choose level A1–A2, level A2–B1 or level B1–B2.
  • Level A1 is equivalent to the old Norskprøve 1

  • Level A2 is equivalent to the old Norskprøve 2

  • Level B1 is equivalent to the old Norskprøve 3

About the test

The Norwegian language test consists of a written and an oral test.

The written test consists of three parts:

  • Listening (25–50 minutes)

  • Reading (75 minutes)

  • Written presentation (90 minutes)

Go to this link to have a chance to prepare, and review sample test for each level/ part of the written part/ reading part.

The listening and reading parts of the test are adaptive. This means that the exercises in the test adjusts to your language level. The number of exercises presented to you will vary based on your answers. The more correct answers, the more and increasingly difficult exercises you will get. In addition, the listening part of the test will increase in length if your answers are correct.

The oral test is divided into a conversation part and an individual speaking part. You have to choose level A1–A2, level A2–B1 or level B1–B2 when you sign up for the test. The oral test lasts for 20 to 30 minutes.

Oral sample test:
Test date

The test will be held in autumn 2018:

  • 26. november–6. desember

If you have registered for the test, you will receive an information letter from the test institution at least two weeks prior to the test. The letter contains information about where and when you will take the test.

Results and test certificate
The test certificate will be sent by post

You should contact your test center if you have any questions about the test certificate.

The test center will send you the test certificate six weeks after you took the test. The mail delivery may take a few days.

The test certificate shows your results. If you have taken the test before, your test certificate will show your best results. If you have taken the test before and have not improved your results, the previous results will show on your test certificate. Some test centers also sends a transcript with all your results by e-mail.

You can get different results on each part of the test. You can get the following results: Under A1, A1, A2, B1 and B2.

You will not get your results before you receive your test certificate.

If you get the level A2 on both the written and the oral test, you have fulfilled the language level required to apply for permanent residence permit or Norwegian citizenship. If you get level A2 you can also apply for an exemption from the obligation to complete the Norwegian language tuition. Some employers request documentation of Norwegian language skills at level B1 before employment.

You can take the test at Johannes læringssenter, Sandnes læringssenter and Folkeuniversitetet amongst others. Link to where to sign up here:

Good luck dear students/ LYKKE TIL! <3


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