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Are you struggling with a particular grammar topic?

You might have taken a Norwegian course already, or you are in the middle of learning Norwegian. All Norwegian courses have a natural progression and schedule to follow, so taking in-depth looks at certain topics or spending a full two hours just on that one topic might not be possible all the time. We have the solution!

We have set up these mini-courses for those of you who might need a more in-depth understanding of some of the major areas in Norwegian grammar, but don't want to spend extra money on a full course. We will offer interactive and informative online webinars on various topics every month. Our focus is on making you feel confident writing and speaking and using the knowledge you just dived into- in practical ways.

Contact us if you have questions. 

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What previous students say:


"An excellent Norwegian course with an amazing teacher. Excellent methodology and system that drives you in a simple an organized manner until you are able to understand and speak Norwegian at A1 level. Great atmosphere! Totally recommended!
At the end of the second week I understood the Norwegian language structure, I was able to understand most of a day to day conversation, write and speak". - Cesar Padron


"I took norskprøve test A1-A2 after the course and I got positive results. I found that my speaking and writing skills have progressed - couldn't have achieved that without this course. Keep up the great work!" - Aleksandar Bozic

Mastering Nouns

Confused about the EN, ET, or EI article in front of the noun? Wonder how to know which one is which? How to make definite and indefinite nouns, and how it looks when you want to say things in singular or plural? How does the article affect grammar? The implications are subtle but important for the correct use of Norwegian.

The elusive article in front of the nouns can throw many students off, but we have a great hack for you. Join this course to learn the inside tricks for mastering nouns. 

All materials are included in the price. You will attend a live webinar with our CEO, Siv Havik, and receive a recording of the webinar after the class- so you can watch it as many times as you need, as well as get whiteboard notes. After this course, you will have far fewer questions about nouns, and feel more confident that you are speaking and writing Norwegian correctly.

Required level of Norwegian: minimum A1 level.

Date: 24 September

Time: 17:00-19:00

Price: 299 kr

Mastering the Future Tense

When you arrive at the future tense, and the use of the Norwegian modal verbs, it is a very exciting time in your language journey. Not only will this open up your communication, but it will help you understand more of the surrounding conversations. It is an absolutely lightbulb experience for most students. 

This mini-course will focus on writing and creating future tense sentences, and when and how to use the modal verbs in order to do so. It will teach you how to speak in the future tense, and express intents such as want, must, should, can, and shall. There is a big mistake most students do with the "skal" and "vil", and we will have at that as well.  

We include all the learning materials in the price and the webinar is recorded, and you can receive the recording after the course if you'd like so you can re-watch it as many times as you want or need. We will also send you all lecture notes from the whiteboard after the course. 

Required level of Norwegian: minimum A1 level

Date: 25 September

Time: 12:00-14:00

Price: 299 kr

Mastering Infinitives

When we express what we like to do, we use the infinitive. In this course, we will cover how to use the base of the verb and express what we like, love, prefer, and hate doing. We will look at plenty of activities, how to write sentences, and also how to speak about your preferred activities and daily routines.

We will put it into the context of a regular week, and you will learn how to express what you like to do during the different days of the week. After this, you'll be able to have conversations with your friends, colleagues, and neighbours about the things you love doing.

All material is included in the price. We will send you the lecture notes from the whiteboard after the course, and a recording of the class is available if you want to re-watch the class. You will also get access to our closed Facebook group for online students. 


Required level of Norwegian: minimum A1 level


Date: 1 October

Time: 17:30-19:30

Price: 299 kr


"I feel grateful I found Lenoo as my Norwegian course. I not only found great teaching and professionalism, but an entire community ready to support each other. I highly recommend this school, is the best you can ever find!! Thanks Lenoo for having taught me soo much in such a little time!"- Giulia Milano


"The study experience with Lenoo is really good. Our teacher Tone is interacting with every student. She has a good plan for each class, meanwhile, her teaching method is student-centered. I am a bit shy personality. After the class, I started to talk more Norwegian in my daily life.Jeg anbefaler Lenoo."- Ji chen

Mastering the Past Tense

The verb tenses can be challenging to wrap your head around. A lot of students use the present tense for all tenses in their conversations. Even though people will understand you when using the present tense for anything and everything, it is way better to just get a grasp of the past tense. The sooner the better!

In this webinar, we will look at the strong and weak verbs and the 4 most common endings to preterite past tense. You will also write sentences in the past tense, use them in dialogue and speak Norwegian. 

We include the cost of all the materials in the course's price. The teacher for this mini-course is Lenoo's CEO, Siv Havik. We will record and share the webinar with you so you can review the mini-course as many times as you need. We will also share the lecture notes from the whiteboard with the students after the course.


Required level of Norwegian: minimum A1 level.


Date: 24 September

Time: 19:30-21:30

Price: 299 kr

Mastering Adjectives

Describing all the things in the world, giving them spice and color: a language without adjectives would be dull and grey. We love adjectives!

In this mini-course, we will dive deep into the world of adjectives, and see how to combine correctly nouns and adjectives. The little, but oh so important, article in front of the noun- and how you can use it to improve your Norwegian skills. 

We will also have a look at how you can use adjectives to discuss and debate in comparative and superlative. We will give the instruction in this minicourse in English so as not to have any confusion. The intention of these webinars are is to clear confusion, so we'll make sure you feel comfortable writing and speaking during the course. 

All the material is included in the price, and the webinar will be recorded. We can send you a link after the course if you like, and we will also send you the lecture notes from the whiteboard. 

Required level of Norwegian: A1-A2 level

Date: 25 September

Time: 15:00-17:00

Price: 299 kr

Mastering Sentence Structure

When you first learn Norwegian, the sentence structure is fairly easy. But as you get more comfortable and your sentences become longer and more complex, you are left with not knowing where to place which words. 

Where do the verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, possessive pronouns, and others go? We will have a look at sentence structuring in Norwegian. The level for this class is a minimum of A2 level or you'll feel lost otherwise. You will need a solid A2 foundation to enjoy the in-depth look at sentence structuring of more advanced sentences. (Although we will keep it to a level between A2-B1)

We include the materials in the cost and will send you the recording of the course afterwards upon request. We will also share lecture notes with the attendees after the class.

Required level of Norwegian: minimum A2 level

Date: 2 October

Time: 13:00-15:00

Price: 299 kr

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