Our intensive online courses are a perfect way to complete our A1 or A2 level in 9 days during your summer break.


Learn Norwegian quickly with our total immersion courses.

Want to learn Norwegian quickly?   Our Norwegian intensive courses are the best way to learn Norwegian in the shortest possible time.


We offer intensive courses online, and in our classrooms in Oslo and Stavanger. These courses are held Monday through Friday during the daytime or evening. They require more study time, which means that you’ll see faster results. You’ll have more exposure to Norwegian, which is key to the learning process. The more contact you have with a language, the more you’ll be able to speak and write it. And because you’ll see the benefits of your investment in a very short time, you get a better value for your money.

Learning outcomes: 

Communicate more fluently

Develop your grammar and vocabulary

Feel more confident in Norwegian-speaking environments

Learn techniques to develop all four key Norwegian skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking (including pronunciation), using material we developed specifically for your online course



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