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Free norwegian classes online

Dear followers.

Every month we have free trial classes online. They are two hours, teacher lead, by head teacher Siv Havik.

Keep in mind these trial classes differ from the regular online classes, due to the amount of people which are attending. This is a free two hours norwegian class, with no limit of attendees. Normally, you would follow a class, with class mates, fixed days, fixed times, homework and your teacher guiding you through it all- with a personal follow up. 

The teacher for the FREE classes will be head teacher of LNS, Siv Havik. With a background in psychology, and over ten years experience as a norwegian teacher, she is highly motivated and ready to teach you all some norwegian.

You will learn norwegian for your appropriate and desired level, work together, experience interactive learning and exercises, get a little glimpse of our method and how it feels and looks to attend an online norwegian course with us. 

Please note the date and time for the classes, mark it down in your calendar. You are free to attend any of the levels you want. 

A1: 21 September. 17:30 GMT + 2.  Topics for the class:

  • Pronomen

  • Verb

  • Spørreord

  • Setninger

  • Spørsmål og svar

  • Oppgaver

  • Quiz

A2: 22 September. 17:30 GMT +2.  Topics for the class:

  • Tidsuttrykk

  • Følelser

  • Din historie

  • For_____ siden

  • i

  • Tankekart for emosjoner

B1: 23 september. 17: 30 GMT + 2.  Tema for klassen:

  • Bolig 

  • Privatøkonomi

  • Lån / gjeld

  • Budsjett

Looking forward to see you all. Please come prepared for class, which means: Sit in a quiet place, no bakcground noise. Have a notebook and pen ready. Preferably a larger screen/ computer/ laptop, but a mobile and ipad can also work as a last resort.  To get access to the classes, send us an email:

Warm heartedly welcome!

Siv Havik

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