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Learn And Speak Norwegian | Free Norwegian Speaking Course

Come and get a taste of what the learning experience is like at LNS. All teachers work within the same method, one that is tailored to make you SPEAK norwegian, and use it from the very start.

This is a short 2 hrs freebie, with the intention of making you familiar with our method. It is only for students at the beginner level, A1, and preferably for those who have not yet started studying, and are on the fence. <3 We want to get you off the fence, and into the classroom :)

To sign up for the free mini course, you have to send an email to, mark you email subject with FREE course, and provide us with : Full name, Email and phone number:) The sign up is binding, as there are limited spots. (Max 12). Please respect that others might want the free space, so if you for some reason cannot attend, message us a day before-so we can give the spot to someone who really wants it, and is on the waiting list:)

Welcome <3 Cant wait to see lots of new faces. :)

To see the lives of our students, have a look here: Studentlife <3


(Below some general information about our courses, starting up in January/february).

Ready to learn Norwegian? Early bird 15 % Discount on all courses.

Ready to ace that job interview, land that dream job? Understand your collegues, friends and the people around you? Get that A2 level of Norwegian for your residency permit? Or B1/B2 level for jobs? We got you covered! We have a high success rate with teaching our

We have just the courses for you. From A1-B1, Daytime, evening and weekend, + private sessions.

A1 9 days intensive: 27th Jan. 09-12:15. 3799 kr

A1 Daytime 7 weeks: 27th Jan. 12:30-14:45. 3999 kr

A1 Evening 7 weeks course 1: 27th Jan. 17:15-19:15. 3999 kr

A1 Evening 7 weeks course 2: 27th Jan. 19:30-21:30. 3999 kr

A1 Weekend 7 weeks course: 1 Feb. 12-14. 3999 kr

A2 Intensive 9 days course. 2 Mar. 09-12:15. 3799 kr

A2 Daytime 7 weeks: 28 Jan. 12:30-14:45. 3999 kr

A2 Evening 7 weeks. 17:30-19:45. 3999 kr.

A2 weekend 7 weeks course. 14:30-16:30. 3999 kr

B1 Preparation for the Norwegian test: Fridays 17-19:00. 1999 kr.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We give a 15 min FREE consultation for everyone who might feel they need some help in choosing the right course.:)

Follow us for information on upcoming FREE courses. :) We often have Stavanger dialect course, Job application course, CV and job interview course and language cafe. All free ♥

Welcome to class, for a fun and interactive course. ♥


Phone: +47 915 63 175

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