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Registration Open For Norwegian Test Autumn 2107

Below you will find all of the most important information regarding the norwegian test autumn 2017.


Registration for the test (winter) opens 11th October, and closes 20th October.

Many municipalities have limited number of places on the test. We therefore recommend you register early in the registration period.

The test is held in all counties. Registration is binding. You cannot register for the test several times in the same test period. You cannot register for the test when the registration is closed.

Link to the registration site:

- TEST DATES: 27th november- 8th december.

You will be given random dates for your test.


When you sign up you need to choose level A1–A2, level A2–B1 or level B1–B2.

A good advice from us here at LNS, is that you can sign up for the A2/ B1 level test, and still get B1/B2 results.

  • Level A1 is equivalent to the old Norskprøve 1

  • Level A2 is equivalent to the old Norskprøve 2

  • Level B1 is equivalent to the old Norskprøve 3

  • Level B2 provides a basis for admission to higher education

One of the requirements for admission to higher education in Norway is documented skills in Norwegian on level B2. Most jobs require a minimum of B1. For permanent residency- they usually require A2. Check with UDI, for questions about residency.


The Norwegian language test consists of a written and an oral test.

The written test consists of three parts:

  • Listening (25–50 minutes)

  • Reading (75 minutes)

  • Written presentation (90 minutes)

Go to the sample practice test :– reading and listening (in Norwegian) to get a sense of what the written tests look like.

The listening and reading parts of the test are adaptive. This means that the exercises in the test adjusts to your language level. The number of exercises presented to you will vary based on your answers. The more correct answers, the more and increasingly difficult exercises you will get. In addition, the listening part of the test will increase in length if your answers are correct.

The oral test is divided into a conversation part and an individual speaking part. You have to choose level A1–A2, level A2–B1 or level B1–B2 when you sign up for the test. The oral test lasts for 20 to 30 minutes.

Go to the sample practice test – oral communication ;

to get a sense of what the oral communication test looks like.

Other than that, we can only welcome you to our preparation course for the norwegian test A2/ B1 the 15th september. 8 weeks, 2190 kr. We meet fridays from 17:00 to 19:15. Fridays are oral and communication day, where we converse about the topics most frequently asked for the test. Wednesdays you will need to submit a written assignment, to be checked by your teacher.

Our goal is simple, for you to ACE your norwegian test, and usually ,we deliver! Welcome to class.

+47 915 63 175 for more information, or send us an email:

Siv Havik

Founder of LNS