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Daytime Intensive Course | Learn Norwegiain Only In 9 Days

After some thought, and some inquiries from students, we have decided to set up daytime courses for the Norwegian language. There are quite a lot of Norwegian courses offered in the region as of today, but not too may offer a really fast progression course, where you will totally immerse yourself in the language with a skilled teacher, in a setting condusive for learning and high retention.

We want to welcome you to a course that is tailored for the job applicants, the unemployed, the language curious, the integration willing. We want to offer you a faster progression than normally found in the region, and this will in turn facilitate your chances for getting a job faster.

We do want to add though, that this course requires more from the student than a regular, more moderately paced course. Please prepare for a total immersion, which means: Only Norwegian for 9 days. Classroom tutoring, homework and assignments, verbal interaction and dialogues, interactive assignments. The teacher/s completely dedicates him/herself to the progress of the students, and the same is requires back from the student. It only works if you consider the class as a team. Reaching towards a common goal: Learning Norwegian and speaking it, within 9 days. Yes. It is possible!

For more information, email us:

or call: +47 915 63 175.

Welcome to a fun, interactive and challenging course.

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