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Learn Norwegian in a matter of weeks!

We have helped thousands of students reach their goals: getting a job, acing their Norwegian test, getting their permanent residency, and feeling more at home in Norway. We know that language is the absolute door opener and are so honored to help open the doors to Norwegian society for you! Our levels A1-B2 courses are based on the European standardized levels of language-acquiring. Once our students have completed their courses, they can sign up for Norskprøve A2-B1 or B1-B2. These levels meet the requirements set by the Norwegian government for residency permits (B1), and/or for job applicants (a minimum of B1-B2). Today, you DO NOT need 250/500 hours of Norwegian lessons to get permanent residency. This is an outdated way of achieving this goal. All you have to do is pass the Norwegian test with a minimum of B1 level, regardless of how many hours of Norwegian lessons you took. Contact us if you have questions. Read more about the Norwegian test at Kompetanse Norge.

Lenoo Oslo norwegian course
Most popular: A1-B2 Package Deal


Go from complete beginner to fluent in 8 months with our A1-B2 course bundle.

Pay only 1687 kr per month.

Only 13 494 kr

Normal price: 17 996 kr

Save 4502 kr.

Other Package Deals 

A1+A2: 1911 kr/month

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A1 Beginner
Classroom Courses

A1 Classroom Daytime Course - 7 Weeks

Starts in May. Date will come.

Course schedule

Mondays and wednesdays 

Time: 17:30-19:30

Online Conversation Class:

Thursdays from 13:00-14:00 CET 

Price: 4498 kr or two monthly payments of 2249 kr

or A1-B2 package deal for 1687 per month

Sign up by completing the form at the bottom of this page or click the Contact Us button if you have questions. (Remember, there is a 10% early registration discount if you sign up at least one week before the course starts)

What our previous students say about our
classroom courses:
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"Lenoo was my second school of Norwegian language. It was recommended to me by one of my husband friends, she told him that Lenoo would be a good school to learn norwegian in a good and fast way. I have already completed A1 and A2 courses at Lenoo, and I can say that I am very grateful that I was able to join Lenoo!
Lenoo has a great system for teaching online and classroom classes. I have experimented both of them and I can say they are really good not just for the content that they share, also for the kind of teachers they have. I really appreciate the patience that they have with us and the motivation that they instill. Tthanks for everything you have taught me and for sure I will go back to attend the B1 level."- Helem Corrales


"I highly recommend this course, especially for those who lack of courage to use norwegian in everyday life. Classes are conducted in a very nice way, discussions on very interesting topics. The teacher is a warm and friendly person with a great sense of humor and charisma. The course is focused on conversations, group works, discussions, which is great because it helps you to get out of your comfort zone and start talking! So it was a definitely a good decision and I can recommend to join the course :)"- Joanna Syper


"I attended A2 and B1 in class courses at Lenoo. I was happy with the right balance between grammar, vocabulary learning and speaking practices in small group. Tone is a great professional teacher. She has ability to motivate students and creating relaxing atmosphere when this same time pushing you to make effort and believe in yourself. Strongly recommended."- Anna Smith


Do not use this form as a contact form. By completing and submitting the form, you will have registered for our upcoming course and will receive an invoice.

This is a registration form only.


If you sign up early, you can use rebate code 10%EBdiscount to save 10% on any individual course. This is an early bird discount and is only valid up to one week prior to the course start date.



Questions? Email:

Additional discounts are not valid in conjunction with package deals. 

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